Network Failover


The last thing your business needs is to lose its internet connection due to an outage. In today’s fast-paced business world, staying online is crucial. During storms and other calamities, landline-based internet connections tend to fail more often than cellular data. LET network failover devices have a built-in redundancy that automatically switches from your landline connection to cellular data without interruption.

Network Failover

In contrast to wired failover or redundant services, which typically use the same last-mile trenches and backhaul pathways, an LTE-based failover solution offers a diverse pathway through the air. With a wireless WAN connection in place, policies can immediately direct traffic to pass across the wireless link. Once the wired link is restored, traffic flow automatically returns to normal — in most cases, unnoticed by users and customers. The installation of a network failover device could keep you online no matter what.  A network failover devices give you peace of mind knowing that your critical business functions will continue to operate during network disruptions.


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