Wi-Fi, Network Solutions and Tracking For Your Commercial Fleet


Connected Mobile Solutions offers networking solutions for small to medium sized commercial fleets. Regardless of your budget, we will help you keep track of your technicians and vehicles and provide your technicians with a stable and reliable Wi-Fi connection. When technicians have what they need to work efficiently, they work more confidently and they can fully focus on the job at hand.

Central dispatch will be able to track your fleet, stay on top of vehicle maintenance, optimize daily routes and get customized alerts about vehicle performance.


Common Problems with Fleet Communication

A reliable in-vehicle network system resolves issues like:

  • Frequent problems with cellular signal quality out in the field
  • Loss of communication between central dispatch and technicians
  • Complaints of technicians not arriving to appointments on time
  • Unverified reports of unsafe driving habits
  • Inability of technicians to enter reports or quotes in real-time

We Have

We use RiderCom and RiderCom Portable products in conjunction with Enhanced Tracking systems to outfit your commercial fleet and to provide the following solutions:

Real time vehicle tracking with location history

More reliable communication between central dispatch and technicians

Road facing and driver facing cameras with real-time streaming

Tracking of arrival and departure times of technicians to appointments

Identifying and tracking speeding or erratic driving

Technicians can use Wi-Fi enabled devices

Management of your fleet through a cloud-based platform

Technicians can send reports in real time

Integration with common vehicle data protocols (OBDII, J1939, etc.)

If you need a more customized Wi-Fi system, we can create it for you. Our team can engineer and build a system specifically for you.  

You Get Much More Than Just Equipment

We pride ourselves on customer service and our skilled staff provides the following when you purchase a portable Wi-Fi and networking system:

  • The latest technology
  • Attention to detail
  • Advice and/or guidance with product selection
  • A customized remote network solution
  • Active monitoring of your equipment after installation
  • Ongoing support

You can add the enhanced tracking option to all of our RiderCom products. Learn more about the options we offer!


At Connected Mobile Solutions, we are confident that we can provide you with the Wi-Fi, mobile networking and tracking solutions you need. One thing that separates us from other companies is our ongoing customer support. You don’t have to worry about keeping your system up and running alone. Contact us today!

Learn how Connected Mobile Solutions can keep you no matter where you are. Reach out today!