What If You Could Carry Reliable Private Network In Your Bag?

At Connected Mobile Solutions, we understand the importance of maintaining an internet connection regardless of where you are. Dependable networks are no longer just a luxury; they’re an expectation. Even though more places have Wi-Fi available than ever before, those networks usually aren’t reliable or secure. We offer reliable and secure internet in your bag, everywhere you go.


A Dependable And Safe Personal Wi-Fi System

Whether you are an executive, a corporate commuter, a traveling salesman or anyone else who wants to protect personal information while online, you may be reluctant to rely on free Wi-Fi hotspots in restaurants, coffee shops, or on planes, trains and other forms of mass transit. Many people don’t want to sit in a terminal and use an open Wi-Fi signal because they know that the terminal’s public network isn’t secure. As the threat of identity theft increases and the rise of hacking concerns become more public, users are more security-aware than ever and they understand that an insecure network means someone else may be waiting to capture their personal information and exploit it in any number of ways. 

You have the ability to eliminate this problem by purchasing our Executive Pack product. This battery-powered personal Wi-Fi system gives you a reliable and secure way to surf the internet from anywhere. If you currently rely on your cell phone’s hotspot, this system could change the way you think about reliability, speed and safety.


Mobile Router

  • Rugged - designed for mobile applications.
  • Supports 4G LTE advanced cellular wide area networks. Modem upgrade available for higher data rates.
  • Multiple SSIDs, captive portal, RADIUS AAA and traffic prioritization makes it suitable as a personalized, secure access point.
  • Precision GPS with dead reckoning.
  • Cloud-based device tracking, management and reporting.
  • Customizable web content filtering policies available.


  • All antennas are built-in.
  • Operates on battery (6 hrs.) or AC adapter power.
  • Automatic shutoff when the case is closed to preserve battery power.
  • Battery can be charged with the case open or closed.
  • Fits perfectly in a briefcase or backpack.
  • Dimensions: 11.11" x 7.92" x 1.63"

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